About Prep

The future of food distribution: going direct

Giving food producers back their independence

We make distribution accessible to more artisan food producers than ever before

All-in-one Solution

Prep is a B2B sales, storage and distribution solution that supports food producers and brands to operate directly with wholesale buyers while maintaining control of pricing, inventory and brand identity.


Focus & Adaptability

Whether you have one product line or a hundred products, refrigerated or ambient, we can support you to sell it, store it, deliver it and maintain your customer experience so you can focus on your product and brand.



Through our scalable distribution network, we connect food producers with suitable buyers and help to streamline the process of ordering, invoicing, labelling, managing & alerting.



We are responsible, proactive and adaptable to help you maintain your current sales, grow your revenue in both existing and new markets.

Prep is a scalable full service sales, storage and distribution service.
Our service is charged as a fee from each order.

Distribution as a Service
Includes B2B-Commerce Platform + Logistics Service

Storage + Delivery
(ambient, chilled or frozen products)

Point-to-point Delivery
(suitable for fresh made products)

Fees: 15.7% - 22.7%

Fees: 18.7% - 22.7% 

Producers and brands, big or small can access this service and earn greater profits and increased transparency compared to selling to a traditional middleman distributor.

Comparison Table

Traditional distributor average


30% - 35% fee
No customer visibility
No control
Limited reach
Late payment

15.7% - 22.7% fee
Complete transparency
Total control
Increased reach
Paid on time

To join Prep was an easy decision and one I have not looked back on. The guidance, vision and genuine passion from the Prep team has been phenomenal, along with the platform itself. It has made scaling my business achievable and enjoyable.

Sisuu Tonic

Working with the team at Prep Local has been fantastic and has meant that we are able to get some of our favourite Sydney products here in Newcastle! The team is always willing to go above and beyond to support our small business and is an absolute pleasure to work with.

Holism Health Co.

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